About Us

Rooted in South East Asia; serving businesses across the globe.

We are a group of IT companies operating in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines; and a network of specialist spread across the world.

We help our clients tell their story by helping them craft their message. And then delivering it effectively and efficiently on the Internet.

We achieve this through the marriage of our companies specializing in online advertising, marketing, corporate and investor communications, and IT solutions.

Some of the companies that we have had the privilege to build online solutions for are Maybank, FUJIFILM, Chang Beer, AIG and the United Nations.

We are proud to be vision partners with Kiwanis Malaysia.

The formula for success

Your audience and target market is online today more than ever. As more and more people embrace technology, the most efficient and cost effective way to reach them is where they spent the most time.

Our philosophy for success is simple.

  1. Get online and establish your presence.
  2. Get found online and be in front of your audience.
  3. Convert them to customers once you have their attention.

Getting Online

Fish where the fish are

In order to capitalize the large audience online, the first step is to establish your presence online. And this starts with your website. Your website is your home. Free from the constraints and policies of social media platforms. Even if your service or product is app-based, the anchor to your business is your website.

We build websites that are fast, easy to use and make you stand out in a crowd.

Getting Found

Identify your audience and market to them

Having a presence online is of no use if people do not know where to find you. You will have to go out and draw them in.

This is where in-bound marketing comes in.

Our services help you define your target audience so that you can you can market your brand, company, product or service directly to them.

Our online marketing services ensure that the right marketing vehicle is used to reach your customers in the most cost effective manner.


Convert your audience to customers

The final step of the process is converting your visitors to customers. Whatever the situation may be, an e-commerce store, attendance to a physical event, product or service, we help you proactively engage with your audience to close the deal throughout the online sales funnel.

Our campaigns and solutions include systems and workflows in place to ensure nothing slips thru the cracks.
To ensure all the gaps are filled, we provide value-added services such as consultancy, remote work and outsourcing.

Learn more about our services or view our case studies to see samples of our work.